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Empowering Students for a Healthier Tomorrow
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FitnessGram for Students:
 Unlock Your Potential
Be Your Best Self
Uncover the unique fitness needs of every student. With FitnessGram's tailored assessments, you're not just teaching; you're empowering.
Celebrate Your
FitnessGram helps you track your fitness progress, celebrating every milestone and encouraging a positive attitude towards health and wellness.
Connect with Friends
Experience the joy of being active together. FitnessGram activities can be a fun way to spend time with friends, fostering teamwork and social skills
FitnessGram for Parents:
Support Your Child's Journey
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Stay Informed
Get insights into your child’s fitness level and progress. FitnessGram provides valuable information, helping you support your child’s health and wellness goals.
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Be a Role Model
Explore the PACER test, a key component of the FitnessGram program, to understand its role in assessing cardiovascular fitness.
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Build a Healthier Future Together
Discover resources and activities that you can enjoy as a family. FitnessGram encourages family participation, making wellness a shared goal.
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